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Work vans are the lifeblood of a company. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris work vans are the go-to choice worldwide for all trades and organizations that rely on workers and cargo getting from point A to point B and back again, safely and efficiently. 

Whether you are considering buying a single cargo van or a fleet of work vans, the Mercedes-Benz commercial van specialists at Ray Catena are a dedicated group of cargo and work van specialists ready to support you. Unlike other dealerships, we have a commercial van team which is a separate division and only sells, services, and supports commercial customers. 

We understand the needs of electricians, plumbers, HVAC companies, passenger and cargo transport companies, and all other types of businesses. No matter your need for a work or cargo van, our commercial division specialists are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about the Mercedes-Benz lineup of cargo vans, including the latest all-electric work van models from Mercedes.

Sprinter Work and Cargo Vans Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Sprinter and Metris Vans Compare to Other Work Vans?

Sprinter and Metris models from Mercedes vans are always in the top three most highly rated work and cargo vans. Mercedes-Benz work vans are considered among the best in their class when it comes to choices of cargo vans for sale, according to ratings from Car and Driver, TrueCar, and many more trusted websites, as well as independent buyer reviews.

Why Do Business Choose the Sprinter and Metris Worker and Cargo Vans?

The flexibility of Metris and Sprinter cargo and work vans is second to none. From diesel-powered fuel efficiency to all-electric options, all work and cargo vans in the Mercedes Sprinter Van lineup are engineered to maximize time on the road and increase company and worker efficiency.

Our vans are completely customizable from interior to exterior and designed to fit the needs of any company or trade, no matter how specialized. We provide complete and custom upfitting services for Mercedes-Benz Metris and Sprinter work vans. Popular upfit packages for Mercedes-Benz commercial vans include refrigerated transport vansluxury limo vans, and construction vans, among many others. Our work van specialists will walk you through every option available and manage the entire process from beginning to end.

If you’re looking for a work van or cargo van for sale in New Jersey, let us know what your needs are and we’ll show you why the Mercedes-Benz lineup of commercial vans is the choice for companies across the globe.

How Safe are Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans?

Mercedes-Benz has a reputation for building ultra-safe vehicles, and that dedication to safety is also a high priority in Mercedes cargo and work vans.

All Mercedes-Benz worker and cargo vans, whether used for delivery, the professional trades, or passenger transport, come with best-in-class safety systems and equipment. Standard safety features on all Mercedes-Benz cargo van models include longitudinal member reinforcement in the event of a side-on collision, ABS-equipped brakes, crosswind assistance, a traction and stability control system, rearview cameras, and tire pressure monitoring system, just to name a few.

Blind-spot assist mirrors, 360-degree cameras, attention assist, and active distance assist are also available as part of Mercedes-Benz van option packages. Active lane-keep assist, intelligent navigation, and traffic assist are also optional add-ons for the greatest peace of mind.

Are Mercedes-Benz Cargo Vans Comfortable to Drive?

Mercedes-Benz is known for uncompromising comfort and quality in all the vehicles they manufacture, and their work and cargo vans are no exception. Spacious van cabins with high-quality interiors provide comfort for drivers and passengers. All controls and cabin features are intuitive and easily in reach. Providing a thoughtful and comfortable environment for drivers and passengers is just as important to the van engineers at Mercedes-Benz as safe and spacious storage for cargo is.

Sprinter and Metris Vans: Ideal for All Your Work and Cargo Needs

No matter what your trade or need, the reliability and flexibility of our work and cargo vans are what make them the best choice for professionals who rely on efficient and powerful vans that can stay on the road day-in and day-out.

Electrician Work Vans

Electrician Work Vans

A large wheelbase and deep storage with custom upfitting for tools, spools, and parts make the Sprinter or Metris the perfect work van for electricians. Both the Sprinter and Metris work vans provide extreme reliability and the organizational flexibility a work van for the electrical trades needs to keep the vans and technicians on the move.

HVAC Work Vans

HVAC Work Vans

High roofs and maximum storage space make the Sprinter the perfect work van for HVAC companies that rely on cargo space to transport large items such as furnaces and compressors, combined with world-class organizational options for parts and tools necessary in the field.  Service more customers and spend less time heading back to the shop for parts!

Work Vans for Plumbing

Work Vans for Plumbing

Work vans for plumbing companies need to support the diverse needs of the plumbing industry. From industry-leading cargo space to transport large parts such as water heaters to the comfort and roominess of the cabin to make sure your team is safe and secure, Sprinter vans have the features that work for you.

Cargo Vans for Passenger Transport

Cargo Vans for Passenger Transport

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo vans are the go-to choice for passenger transport. The most precious cargo of all is people. The safety features of the Sprinter cargo van make it the only choice in cargo vans truly outfitted for passenger transport. With technology from 360-degree cameras to blind spot assist mirrors, active distance assist, and attention assist, these world-class cargo vans are used as passenger vans all over the world for a reason.

Cargo Vans for Delivery

Cargo Vans for Delivery

From food to packaged goods and even refrigerated cargo, both Sprinter and Metris cargo vans are perfect for the delivery of any product. With cavernous space, large wheelbases, custom cargo options such as refrigeration, and assistance technologies to ensure employee safety and avoid costly accidents, the Mercedes-Benz lineup of cargo vans for delivery provides uncompromised quality and efficiency to increase delivery efficiency and maximize profits.

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Revolutionize your business operations with top-rated Mercedes-Benz work and cargo vans available at Sprinter Vans Edison serving the New Jersey and Staten Island areas. Our dedicated commercial van specialists are ready to assist with reliable and flexible options tailored to your industry needs. Explore our extensive inventory, contact us to learn more about custom upfitting packages, and elevate your work van fleet for optimal efficiency and performance today!