Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Lease Options: Flexible Van Ownership

SprinterA Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van can be among the best additions for any business or large family. These high-performance vehicles are perfect for carrying equipment, passengers, and more. 

Leasing can be an excellent option if you have been considering getting a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. In fact, leasing may be a better option than traditional ownership for some people or businesses because of several benefits and additional flexibility. 

This is especially true when you take advantage of Ray Catena Edison’s incredible lease options. 

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Sprinter Van?

Leasing a Sprinter van comes with several benefits over traditional ownership. Firstly, the initial costs and monthly payments will be lower than purchasing outright. Moreover, leasing comes with fixed monthly payments, which makes it easy to accommodate into the budget. Just like buying a new vehicle, leasing will also include warranty coverage to cover any issues that may come about. 

One of the best parts about leasing is the flexibility in upgrading. With traditional ownership, the business or individual will heavily commit to using that vehicle for many years. If they want to upgrade, they will have to go through the process of selling the vehicle, paying off their loan, and more. 

When leasing a Sprinter van, upgrading is as simple as choosing an upgraded model at the end of the lease terms. 

How Flexible are Sprinter Van Lease Plans?

The best part about leases is that they are highly customizable. Individuals or businesses signing the lease can choose between various mileage options, lease terms, and upgrade opportunities. This makes it easy to tailor the lease to specific needs. 

What is Involved in Leasing a Mercedes Sprinter Van?

Many of the lease eligibility requirements will be similar to those of traditional ownership. Leasees should have a good average credit score and bring along a few documents to qualify, including: 

  • Driver’s License to verify identity, perform a credit check, and ensure driving ability. 
  • Proof of insurance to ensure the driver and leasing company are protected. Full coverage insurance will be required through the terms of the lease. 
  • Proof of income is required for the lessee to prove they can keep up with the monthly payments. 
  • Proof of residence to verify the lessee’s address and identity. Adequate proof of residence documents can include a utility bill, mortgage statement, or bank statement. 

Ray Catena aims to make the leasing process as easy and straightforward as possible. Just ensure you bring the above documents when coming in so we can have you driving away in your new lease the same day. 

Explore Sprinter Van Lease Options with Sprinter Vans Edison

If you are ready to explore options for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van lease, Ray Catena Sprinter Vans Edison is here to help. We have various Sprinter vans available with customizable lease options for you to decide your terms. Our expert team is here to help you explore your options and answer any questions. Contact us today! 

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