An Electric Van Designed for Work – The All-New eSprinter

All-Electric Vans for Work and Cargo – The Future of Cargo Vans

Ray Catena. The leader in Electrified Luxury, has added the all-new, all-electric eSprinter electric van to our already-extensive EV inventory. 

Available for the first time in the US, the eSprinter can only be found at an authorized Mercedes-Benz van dealership. Visit our commercial van dealership in NJ and experience the all-new, fully electric eSprinter cargo van.

Why buy an all-electric cargo van?

Businesses can elevate their sustainability with an emission-free, battery-powered cargo van with the quality, flexibility, and safety of a Mercedes-Benz. Designed with the same versatile features, capacity, and technologies as the gas-powered Sprinter cargo models, the eSprinter is ready to be upfitted for the specific needs of your business. Whether you need a transportation, service, or passenger vehicle, the all-new, all-electric cargo van from Mercedes-Benz is a game changer in the world of cargo and work vans.

Just like all luxury electric vehicles available at Ray Catena, the all-electric eSprinter van by Mercedes-Benz offers a variety of ownership features and benefits. 

Lower cost of ownership: Aside from the ability to eliminate fuel costs, electric vans, just like electric cars, require less service as they have fewer moving parts. This allows the vehicle to spend more time on the road making money than in the shop costing money. 

Advanced technology features: Some of the features of the eSprinter can only be found in electric vans and other electric vehicles. Range-maximizing driving modes, regenerative braking systems, connectivity technologies to access van controls remotely, and advanced safety systems are all available with the eSprinter eclectic cargo van, just to name a few.

Where can I charge the eSprinter electric cargo van?

Whether you are at work, at home, or using the nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers, a charge will never be out of reach. Our eSprinter specialists can help electric van owners find or install the perfect charging option for a single electric van or fleet of electric cargo vans.

Exploring the Viability of All-Electric Cargo Vans for Your Business Needs

Speak to one of the commercial van specialists at Ray Catena Sprinter Bans serving the New Jersey and Staten Island areas. Visit our newly-renovated commercial van showroom or contact our team of commercial and electric van specialists with any questions you may have.