MBUX for the 2019 A-Class and the 2020 GLE

July 1st, 2019 by

Mercedes-Benz went above and beyond when it came to the addition of the MBUX system in the newest A-Class and GLE models. The goal was to make the systems in the car as effortless as possible, while simultaneously creating a bond between the vehicle and the driver/passengers. One way they did so was by incorporating the impressive Mercedes Me voice control technology into the makeup of the vehicle. You simply say “Hey Mercedes” which allows you to have the ability to control various functions ranging from radio to climate control. 

Many updates were made to the touch inputs that are located within each vehicle. These inputs allow the driver/passengers as much simplicity as possible in terms of the different functions that are offered. You are also able to completely personalize your vehicle. This allows your air conditioning, music, and displays to be set to your preference upon your entry to the vehicle.

In addition, you are able to get a heads-up display system configured on your dashboard. You will then be able to view your speed limit and navigation in the exact position that you want. And finally there is the in-car office. This new addition will synchronize your planner, arrange a telephone meeting, and remind you of any upcoming meetings.

If the MBUX system interests you, be sure to come in to our massive showroom in Edison New Jersey and find your new Mercedes-Benz today.



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