Introducing the all new Mercedes-Benz GLB

July 1st, 2019 by

Mercedes-Benz plans to add its newest addition to the SUV crossover family, the 2020 GLB. With its distinctive look and updated design, this vehicle will be the next big thing when it comes to all things SUV. The interior is completely updated the Mercedes-Benz way. The newly designed widescreen cockpit allows you the easiest access to all of the desired functions within your vehicle. 

The GLB also features hands-free access to ensure the driver/passengers as convenient of an experience as possible. There is also the 3rd row option available to maximize the amount of space in the vehicle. Additionally there are comfort setting packages offered. These packages include various forms of themes and settings to ensure the best experience for the driver and passenger. You are also able to adjust things such as preferred temperature, lighting, choice of music genre, and your choice of air fragrances. This vehicle also offers impressive off-road capabilities. While in off-road mode the vehicle has hill-descent control and an infotainment system. This assures that you have the smoothest ride possible no matter what surface it may be.

If this sounds like the vehicle for you, contact Mercedes-Benz Edison today for information on how to get your own 2020 GLB.


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