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Mercedes-Benz of Edison EQS

The Mercedes-Benz EQS AMG® is an all-electric luxury sedan designed to compete with other premium electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S Plaid and the Porsche Taycan. It’s part of Mercedes-Benz’s EQ brand, which focuses on electric mobility and sustainability. The EQS is known for its luxurious interior, cutting-edge technology, and impressive electric range. The all new EQS AMG® offers a new standard to luxury and power to electric vehicles. The EQS AMG® contains a 107.8 kWh with a speed up to 649 horsepower which can be surpassed with Mercedes Benz optional boost when engaged that can boost the horsepower to around 751. The EQS AMG® is Mercedes Benz newest addition to the AMG® family and one of the first in the EQ group to get an AMG® version of the original EQS model.

EQS AMG® specific features:

Mercedes-Benz often collaborates with its high-performance division, AMG®, to create sportier and more powerful versions of their vehicles. An AMG® variant of the EQS offers enhanced performance, sportier styling, and a more dynamic driving experience compared to the standard EQS model. The EQS AMG® offers a dynamic of modes to drive in and with the EQS Sport+ active this vehicle can hit a 0 – 60 in 3 seconds. The dual AMG®-specific electric motors help give the EQS AMG® the power it needs to compete and surpass its competition as well as its intelligent energy recovering paddles. This model offers a wide range of AMG® exclusive interior and exterior looks  from the wheels, grill, and paddles. The carbon fiber accents inside adds an appealing look to the car and with its artificial sounds you can add some personality to your EQS vehicle or you can be completely quiet while you drive around your city the choice is yours.

Interior and Exterior design:

1. Exterior:

    • The EQS features a sleek and aerodynamic design, with a futuristic-looking front grille and LED lighting signatures.
    • Its streamlined body and unique design elements contribute to its impressive aerodynamic efficiency which Mercedes Benz named the one bow design. The EQS is Mercedes Benz most aerodynamic vehicle out of all the models offered due to its one bow design.

MBUX Hyperscreen:

One of the standout features of the EQS is the optional Hyperscreen, a large, curved glass display that spans the entire width of the dashboard. It integrates three separate screens: the instrument cluster, infotainment system, and a passenger display. This provides an immersive and visually striking cockpit experience.

    • The infotainment system is powered by the latest version of Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) software.
    • It offers advanced voice recognition, natural language processing, and a wide range of connectivity options.
    • The system is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the user interface to your preferences.
  1. Interior Comfort and Luxury:
    • The interior of the EQS is designed to be spacious, comfortable, and luxurious.
    • High-quality materials, including leather, wood, and metal, are used throughout the cabin.
    • The seats are designed for maximum comfort, and options like massage and ventilation are available.

Charging, Range, and Energy:

The EQS supports fast charging and can regain a significant amount of range in a short time at compatible charging stations. The electric range varies depending on the configuration, but it’s expected to offer a competitive range on a single charge. The EQS focuses on energy efficiency, from its aerodynamic design to its regenerative braking system, to maximize driving range. Mercedes-Benz places an emphasis on sustainability in the production of the EQS, using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices. Now charging time will depend on the charger’s power output and the state of charge of the battery. The electric range of the EQS can vary depending on several factors, including driving conditions, temperature, driving habits, and the specific configuration of the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz provides an estimated range for their electric vehicles, which is the distance the vehicle can travel on a single full charge under ideal conditions. Electric vehicle ranges are typically measured in miles or kilometers, and the EQS AMG® should offer a competitive range as a sport luxury electric sedan.


Safety is always the name of the game when it comes to Mercedes-Benz design and engineering – all of that elegance and power is delivered without compromising on driver and passenger security and peace of mind. The EQS has been awarded a 5-Star safety rating – the very best in the industry – continuing Mercedes-Benz’s long-standing reputation for the best, safest driving experiences.

A range of smart assistive technologies – including Distance Assist, Lane Assist, Braking Assist, and more – aids the driver while underpinning industry-leading levels of safety. Parking assist features and LiDAR sensors get the most out of this vehicle’s formidable technology, while structural engineering ensures optimal protection for occupants in the unlikely event of a collision.

Importance to customers:

The Mercedes-Benz EQS, as an electric vehicle, offers potential financial benefits through tax incentives, reduced operating costs, and access to additional incentives at the state and local levels. It also aligns with environmental concerns and showcases advanced technology. Customers who prioritize these factors may find the EQS to be an attractive choice. However, it’s essential to research and consider the specific incentives and regulations in your region when evaluating the financial benefits of electric vehicle ownership.

Remember to visit Ray Catena Mercedes Bez of Edison or check our official Mercedes-Benz website Ray Catena Edison  for the most accurate and current information regarding the EQS AMG® availability, features, and pricing. Our dealerships can also provide information on any incentives, financing options, or special promotions that may be available to potential buyers.

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