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With its regal presence, opulent detailing, and cutting-edge technology, the Mercedes-Benz GLS Maybach is a statement of excellence. By finding your very own certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz GLS Maybach for sale, you can ensure to enjoy all these qualities at a lower-than-usual price point. At Ray Catena Mercedes-Benz of Edison, you can browse through multiple pre-owned trims for this top-class SUV and pick an option that fulfills all your expectations. From handcrafted V8 engines to 23-inch wheels, you can also find upgrades that take your vehicle to the next level. Whether you are ready to drive your GLS Maybach home or need further consultation, our team is right here to help.

Best Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz GLS Inventory Available

At Ray Catena Mercedes-Benz of Edison, we hold pre-owned GLS Maybach SUVs that vary in terms of their price, visuals, and features. This not only makes it easier for you to compare different models but also lets you choose your perfect match through a large selection of vehicles.

As options from the Mercedes-Benz Maybach family, the GLS Maybach leaves no holds barred when it comes to performance, aesthetics, and comfort. This ensures that when you choose a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz GLS Maybach for sale, you get to experience best-in-class automotive features in every aspect.


Elegance is making confidence feel effortless. The GLS 600’s twin-turbocharged V-8 makes 550 horsepower and can propel the luxurious SUV from zero to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, according to Mercedes-Maybach. The engine is complemented by a 48-volt hybrid system that provides an extra boost right from the start. This immense biturbo power is precisely metered to each wheel, ensuring a seamless blend of torque and tenacity that delivers calm composure. The air suspension, which comes standard, features a Maybach mode that virtually erases bumps in the road, ensuring a silky-smooth ride quality and confident handling.
Refined, responsive, and rewarding. A range of driving modes reflects the breadth of talents within the GLS Maybach. On any road, or even off, E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL acts to optimize driving feel while minimizing the motions felt by passengers. This advanced suspension system can lean into curves and manage the road surface proactively, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and agility.


Beyond first class is a class all your own. The GLS Maybach is designed with innovation that exists purely to serve your comfort, safety, and convenience through multiple senses. A virtual voice assistant is always ready to listen and serve you, while lighting and fragrance subtly enhance your driving experience.
Attentive, advanced, and abundant. The digital cockpit of the GLS Maybach can respond to your natural spoken requests, or via touchscreen and tablet controls. An Executive Climate System tends to each passenger individually, ensuring optimal comfort for everyone on board. Music and soft lighting can accompany a massage at any seat, transforming the interior into a luxurious sanctuary. The combination of advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship makes the GLS Maybach a true marvel of modern automotive engineering.

Why Buy the Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz GLS at Ray Catena Mercedes-Benz of Edison?

When you are buying a flagship Maybach from a luxury brand, you expect nothing but the best at every step. In order to fulfill these expectations, Ray Catena Mercedes-Benz of Edison ensures to assist you through personalized consultations by seasoned experts.

By discussing your requirements with our brand specialists, you can swiftly discover your ideal certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz GLS for sale, while also ensuring that you can customize your big purchase to your liking. 

To provide you with further comfort, we also offer multiple buying options such as leasing and financing. This makes it easy for you to treat yourself without burdening your finances.

All of our available GLS Maybach models are listed online for your convenience. But if you have any questions or want a specific set of features, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be glad to note down your requirements and source options that cater to them without any compromise.

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