Mercedes Keyless Technology

With the brand’s reputation for luxury and performance, it’s no surprise that Mercedes-Benz delivers a wide array of driver assistance features and convenient amenities that allow you to get the most out of your vehicle. 

Two of these are the KEYLESS START® and KEYLESS GO® technology features, available on Mercedes-Benz vehicles and MB Vans for sale at Ray Catena of Edison. Read on to find out more about these helpful, high-tech features designed to make your life easier.

What are Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS START® and KEYLESS GO®?

These two Mercedes-Benz technologies are effectively keyless entry and keyless ignition systems that eradicate the need to use a physical key to unlock or start your car. This isn’t to say you don’t need any key at all, though. This technology requires a smart key fob that needs to be somewhere on your person, like in a pocket, handbag, or briefcase, in order to unlock or start your car.

It does this by using an encrypted radio frequency (RF) signal to sense that you are close by. Then a simple wave of the hand unlocks the door for you. Or simply push the Start/Stop button to drive away. No more digging around looking for keys, trying to balance shopping and keeping an eye on kids while you try to fish your keys out of wherever they’ve buried themselves.

Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® technology takes this convenient technology even further. Not only can you effortlessly lock and unlock your doors or drive off without touching your keys, but you can also open and close your windows by simply touching the sensor surface on your SmartKey. And if you ever happen to leave the SmartKey inside your vehicle by accident, you won’t be able to lock your car from the outside. 

Plus, your Mercedes will alert you if your SmartKey has been left behind when you shut the doors.

What is the Difference Between KEYLESS START® vs. KEYLESS GO®?

With both of these technologies, the days of digging through pockets or bags for your keys are a thing of the past. They’re both designed to make getting into your vehicle and driving off as hassle-free as possible, but there are a few key differences.

Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS START®

With the Mercedes KEYLESS START® system, drivers will never need to fumble around looking for keys so that they can start their car. All they have to do is ensure their Smart Key fob is nearby, step on the brake, and push the Start/Stop button located on the dashboard.

And one of the best things about this keyless ignition system is the fact that it is standard across every new Mercedes-Benz vehicle available today.

(Note that keyless entry and ignition systems may not be available on some older pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models.)

Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO®

Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® technology is an upgraded version of KEYLESS START®. But, instead of only being a keyless ignition system, it is also a keyless entry system. 

As long as your SmartKey is somewhere on your person (or within range of your Mercedes-Benz), you can lock or unlock your car by simply tapping on any of the door handles.

Can KEYLESS GO® Be Added to a Mercedes-Benz?

As we already said, KEYLESS START® is standard across the entire Mercedes-Benz lineup available today. However, the KEYLESS GO® system is only a standard feature in more tech-savvy models including but not limited to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or Mercedes-Benz G-Class ranges.

However, you can add the KEYLESS GO® system to any vehicle where it is not a standard feature, thanks to the KEYLESS GO® Convenience package.

What is the Mercedes KEYLESS GO® Comfort Package?

Also known as the KEYLESS GO® Convenience package, this package is designed to offer maximum comfort for your everyday driving by adding the convenience of hands-free access to our standard keyless ignition feature. With the combined KEYLESS START® and KEYLESS GO® technologies, you are able to lock, start, and unlock your vehicle by simply carrying your key with you.

KEYLESS GO® Convenience package components:

  • KEYLESS GO® access and drive authorization system
  • HANDS-FREE ACCESS that allows automatic opening and closing of your trunk
  • Door handles with chrome inserts and recessed lighting for easy location in the dark
  • Remote boot closing (only for C-Class Sedan and Coupé)


Do you have any more questions about KEYLESS START® or KEYLESS GO® technology? 

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