Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program


Welcome to Our Valued Corporate Partners!

You have reached this page because your employer is one of our all-important corporate partners. As an employee of a participant in the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program, you’re eligible for these exclusive incentives, backed by the world-class customer service offered at Ray Catena Mercedes-Benz of Edison.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of these offers as soon as possible, as availability is limited. We strive to make the best new Mercedes-Benz vehicles available to you with these perks that we designed exclusively for our Mercedes-Benz fleet partners.

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Model Year 2022 Mercedes-Benz Fleet

Sedans & Wagons MY22 Small Fleet Incentive
A 220W $2,250
A 220W4 $2,500
E 350W $4,500
E 350W4 $4,750
E 450W4 $2,750
E 53W4 $2,000
E 63W4S $1,250
S500V4 $750
S580V4 $750
Coupes MY22 Small Fleet Incentive
CLA 250C $2,500
CLA 250C4 $2,500
CLA35C4 $1,250
C 300C $2,500
C 300C4 $2,500
C 43C4 $1,500
C 63CS $750
E 450C $3,250
E 450C4 $3,500
E 53C4 $2,000
CLS 450C4 $3,250
GLC 300C4 $750
GLC 43C4 $750
GLC 63C4S $750
GLE 53C4 $750
GLE 63C4S $750
Cabriolets MY22 Small Fleet Incentive
C 300A $2,500
C 300A4 $2,750
C 43A4 $1,500
C 63AS $750
E 450A $3,500
E 450A4 $3,500
E 53A4 $2,000
SUVs MY22 Small Fleet Incentive
GLA 250W $2,250
GLA 250W4 $2,500
GLA35W4 $1,250
GLB250W $2,500
GLB250W4 $2,500
GLB35W4 $750
GLC 300W $2,750
GLC 300W4 $3,000
GLC 43W4 $1,250
GLC 63W4 $750
GLC 63W4S $750
GLE 350W $3,000
GLE 350W4 $3,250
GLE 450W4 $2,250
GLE580W4 $750
GLE 53W4 $1,500
GLE 63W4S $1,250
GLS 450W4 $3,000
GLS580W4 $750
GLS 63W4 $1,250

Model Year 2021 Mercedes-Benz Fleet

Sedans & Wagons  MY21 Small Fleet Incentive
A-Class Sedan $2,750
C-Class Sedan $4,750
E-Class Sedan $5,250
E-Class Wagon $5,250
S-Class Sedan $750
Coupes MY21 Small Fleet Incentive
CLA-Coupe $3,000
CLS-Coupe $3,250
C-Class Coupe $4,500
E-Class Coupe $3,250
GLC-Coupe $1,000
GLE-Coupe $1,500
S-Class Coupe $750
Cabriolets MY21 Small Fleet Incentive
C-Class Cabriolet $4,500
E-Class Cabriolet $3,250
S-Class Cabriolet $750
SUVs MY21 Small Fleet Incentive
GLA SUV $2,250
GLB SUV $2,500
GLC SUV $3,750
GLE SUV $3,250
GLS SUV* $3,250

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