Luxury Wheelchair Accessible Vans from Mercedes-Benz

Luxury Wheelchair Accessible Vans from Mercedes-Benz

Everyone should be able to enjoy the advantages of a luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicle, getting from A to B with comfort, ease, and style. This is why we stock wheelchair accessible vans (WAVs) from Mercedes-Benz here in our showroom at Ray Catena of Edison.

Come and pay us a visit to see these vans for yourself, contact us with any inquiries, or read on to learn more about these luxurious, highly practical vehicles.

Find out more about the wheelchair accessible vans in the Mercedes-Benz range. Don’t forget our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so reach out today.

Wheelchair Accessible Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been around for almost three decades and is now in its third generation. Repeatedly scoring highly on end-of-year lists, the Sprinter is a popular vehicle among commercial customers from a range of industries. At Ray Catena Mercedes-Benz, we provide luxury wheelchair accessible Sprinter vans, customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Wheelchair Accessible Mercedes-Benz Metris Van

The Mercedes-Benz Metris minivan was also launched back in the 1990s, shortly after the Sprinter, and it is now in its third iteration. Perfectly poised to transport larger families or provide people-moving capabilities for groups of all kinds, the Metris is a leader in its class. Just like with the Sprinter, Ray Catena of Edison offers wheelchair accessible Metris minivans with all the features and customizations our customers require.

Mercedes-Benz Vans – Accessibility Features

Ray Catena of Edison customers will find a range of features that help to make Mercedes-Benz wheelchair accessible vans some of the best on the market. Take a look:

Mercedes-Benz WAVs feature a ramp system at the rear of the vehicle, achieving easy entrance and exit for wheelchair users. Automated features make raising and lowering the ramp simple and straightforward, providing the sort of capabilities that all Mercedes-Benz passengers and drivers have come to expect from the luxury marque.

The ramp includes assisted retraction features that eliminate the labor and effort of manual deployment and stowing. When not in use, the lamp folds flat into the floor of the luxury Mercedes-Benz van, making this a practical feature that does not inhibit the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Once aboard, the wheelchair can be quickly and securely anchored in place, delivering maximum peace of mind for all users. This also means the wheelchair user can remain in their chair when the vehicle is in motion too, making getting from A to B an easy and dignified experience.

Mercedes-Benz Vans – Accessibility Advantages

Our customers connect with a number of different accessibility advantages when they choose Mercedes-Benz WAVs. These include:

  • Expert construction and design from the Mercedes-Benz team

  • The right balance of luxury and practicality without compromising on either

  • Warranties and guarantees that protect the consumer after purchase

  • Professional guidance and support from our in-house team of Mercedes-Benz experts

  • A range of vehicle choices designed to meet a diverse array of different needs

  • Customization options delivered by our team, working with Mercedes-Benz’s own industry-leading range of parts and components

To discover more about what a Mercedes-Benz wheelchair accessible van can do for you, or to explore the vans in our range, reach out to our team today. At Ray Catena, we’re always happy to help.

Wheelchair Accessible Mercedes-Benz Vans – Customized by Ray Catena of Edison

Can you get a wheelchair accessible van, customized for your needs by Ray Catena of Edison? You certainly can!

With a wide array of add-ons and extras in our range, you can find precisely what you need to help you achieve the right wheelchair accessible vehicle for your specific situation. Our parts department includes a broad range of Mercedes’ own and Mercedes-approved components, ready for deployment on your vehicle.

As a genuine Mercedes-Benz dealer, Ray Catena of Edison carries out customizations and upgrades in a responsible manner. This means you know that your vehicle – and your warranty – is in safe hands with our team.

Unsure of which customizations you need or which parts to choose? No problem. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is on hand to give you the guidance and support you need as you make your choice. This is all part of our commitment to customer service and to providing top-notch wheelchair accessible Mercedes-Benz vehicles through the Edison area.

Contact Ray Catena Mercedes-Benz of Edison to learn more about how we can provide a comfortable, accessible ride with a Mercedes-Benz van, or visit us in person today.