How To Extend The Range On Your Mercedes-EQ

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Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. From 2022 to 2023, global sales of electric cars rose by 35%, and by 2024, the electric car market in the US is expected to account for 17% of all sales.

The Mercedes-EQ lineup continues to be one of the top choices for EV buyers. Mercedes combines luxury, performance, and all-electric driving into a diverse lineup of SUVs and sedans, which are available for purchase at Mercedes-Benz of Edison.

One of the reasons so many electric car drivers gravitate toward Mercedes-EQ models is the impressive driving range. With over 300 miles for some of the sedans and electric SUVs nearing or surpassing 300 miles on the road, there’s nothing holding Mercedes-EQ drivers back.

There are also ways to extend the Mercedes-EQ’s range, ensuring you get the most out of your electric car. Keep reading to learn all of our range-extending tips for Mercedes-EQ vehicles.

How can I optimize my driving habits to extend my Mercedes-EQ range?

Developing a smoother driving style can help you extend the range of your Mercedes-EQ.

Here are three habits you can use to get more out of every charge:

  • Avoid intense accelerations.
  • Drive efficiently on highways by avoiding high speeds.
  • Anticipate stops with enough space to use gradual breaking.

What are some Mercedes-EQ-specific features that can help maximize range?

Mercedes all-electric vehicles are equipped with unique features to help extend your driving range, such as recuperative braking and adaptive cruise control.

You can take advantage of recuperative breaking technology by using certain driving modes.

  • Intelligent Recuperation: This mode anticipates the road ahead so your vehicle captures more energy when braking.
  • Eco Mode: This mode modifies the powertrain to modulate acceleration so more energy is captured during braking.

Adaptive cruise control impacts the Mercedes-EQ range as well. This innovative technology adapts to existing traffic, breaking to a complete halt or proceeding after a stop in the most efficient way possible. You can also use the settings in the vehicle’s Electric Intelligence navigation system to optimize acceleration and speed for maximum range.

And finally, Mercedes lets you minimize or turn off other features that use the battery, such as climate control and seat comfort, to extend your range. Navigate to your EQ icon on the multimedia display, tap range, and click “Maximize Range” to use this feature.

Are there charging strategies I should be aware of to increase my Mercedes-EQ’s range?

The charging strategy you choose can also impact driving range.

Keep these tips in mind when deciding the way to charge your vehicle:

  • Home charging — using Level 1 or Level 2 charging — involves slower charging, so it puts less strain on your battery, helping to preserve your battery’s function and your car’s driving range capabilities.
  • Public charging stations use Level 2 charging, which is comparable to home charging with a 240-volt system, giving you a balance of charging efficiency and speed without overtaxing your battery.
  • Fast charging stations use direct current fast-charging (DCFC) equipment to replenish your battery by as much as 80% in less than an hour. While fast, this increases the battery’s temperature, diminishing its lifespan and deoptimizing your battery’s range.

When driving long distances, use your vehicle’s Electric Intelligence navigation to plan your route so you can choose public charging with a Level 2 charge. Only use fast charging in emergencies.

Also, recharging more will extend the use of your battery, so consider adding a charging stop to optimize your route. For example, recharging from 30% to 70% three times is better for your battery than going from 20% to 80% twice.

What maintenance practices are essential for preserving my Mercedes-EQ’s battery health and range?

Regular maintenance and a focus on battery health can help you optimize your driving range in the long term.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Maintain your vehicle’s cooling system.
  • Monitor battery temperature to avoid excessive heat.
  • Avoid deep discharges by refueling more often and keeping your state of charge in the middle, such as between 30% and 70% or 40% and 60%.

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